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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Glasgows Pride And Joy

Interesting to note that two Old Firm websites have been closed down due to sectarian abuse proliferating on their message boards. Are they mad? The whole point of the Old Firm is to entertain us with their moronic, half remembered pastiche of Anglo-Irish history.

Ok serious for a moment. I suppose there is a point in nipping it in the bud, before some cretin takes things literally and pops round to Neil Lennons house with a rope. Thing is they're still out there, still waving their union jacks and tricolors, still wanking themselves into a frenzy of tribal hatred at the drop of a hat. Do you reckon shutting down some message boards is going to solve the problem? Out of sight, out of mind. They'll just find another company willing to host them.

Sadly, it's only a scratch on the surface. Groups like Nil By Mouth, whilst happy to see the back of these sites, know that the battle will be long and hard, that it may take several generations, on the back of more and more catholic/protestant marriages, pro-active attempts to disable the industry of myths and lies perpetuated by either side and a vastly improved and unsegregated education system to finally put the whole mess where it belongs, in the dustbin of history.


At 2:50 am, Blogger PROFESSOR SMILE said...

Yobs, I fear, will be yobs.I think the sectarian antipathy has benn fostered for since both Rangers and celtic were founded on Glasgow Green by Brewers & Distillers exploiting their customers' ignorance, so their agression is expressed against each other rather than on the classes above them who give none of them a fair share of life's pie.
You and I know that a Glasgow United could have stormed Europe and the World of Football, with united governors, followers and recrutiment pool - as it should be, young Glasgow footballers. We could even lead a United Scotland to World Cup Victory.
Ho well.....you may say that I'm a Dreamer, but I'm not the only one.Come to think of it, let's have a contest to come up with chants, slogans and anthems for Glasgow United (who can play week about at Parkead and Ibrox)

Hello, Hello, we are the Glasgow Boys
Hello, Hello, you'll know us by our noise
We're never quiet anywhere as long as we're alive
We are the Boys From Glasgow Toon!

Yeo! Yeo! Yeo-Ho-Ho! Glasgow! (clap) Glasgow! (clap) GLASGOW

....nothing to fight or die for.....around us only sky'''
imagine all of Glasgow, United by and by...
However, for reasons I can't even explain to myself, I'd still find it more comfortable to travel the world in a blue Rangers shirt than a Green & White Cel'ic one! Force of habit maybe? Anybody who wants to give be a green and white shirt, with collar and sleeves of course, for christmas (the birthday of little baby jesus, wiffout whom they'red be nae Proddies or Cafflicks!), huh? (40 inch chest, long and with long sleeves.) While I'm at it, I wouldn't mind a Navy Blue Guernsey Wool Sweater, whether hand-knitted or imported from Guernsey!

At 12:37 am, Blogger alan said...

the biggest joke of all is that the scottish executive is supposedly trying to stamp this insanity out, but they haven't got the balls to do the one thing within their power that would make any significant difference - namely (as you mention) to desegregate the education system. catholic schools? what the fuck is that all about? i'd close every single one of them down tomorrow, confiscate their buildings and land, sell them off and use the money to help build a half-decent multi-cultural, non-sectarian education system in scotland. and i'd tell them all to keep their religion where it belongs - in church. not that your average rabid protestant or catholic football supporter has any interest in church-going anyway. oh and i'd deport that idiot james macmillan - the so-called 'classical composer' who champions this sort of sectarian nonsense - at the same time.


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