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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Internet control

There's a lot of discussion at the moment about the issue of who controls the internet. The United Nations see it as a resource and want to set up a regulatory body to take over from the United States. I'm a big believer in the saying "If it's not broken, don't fix it". I dread to think what would happen if there had to be committee meetings everytime a change had to be made.

Let's be realistic here. The issue here is money. Pure and simple. The internet is a tool of communication for most people and an invaluable source of information. You have to pay someone if you make a phone call or send a letter. You have to pay someone if you want to buy a book. With the internet, people have access to free email, blogs and websites on any subject you care to mention. You have to pay your internet service provider, of course, but after that there is potential for massive profits to be made everywhere and the people in power never like to see that happen.

The internet was developed by the United States and I don't see why they should have to hand it over. I'm not a fan of their government but I don't see anything wrong with the way the internet currently functions. It's easy to use and easy to access. Let's leave it alone.


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