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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Mischief Idol


It is I Clairwil, founding member and acknowledged leader of the mischief. In order to keep things interesting or put and end to my tortuous search for contributors, I have decided to launch 'Mischief Idol'.

I am opening the Mischief up to you, the great unwashed. As of now you, yes you will be able to turn up at the Mischief totally uninvited and post away about anything you like.

If I in my capacity as wise judge decide I like you, You will be invited to become a real contributor, with admin rights going to the overall winner. Hurrah!

In order to enter just go the blogger home page and sign in as 'MischiefIdol', password 'pickme'

Off you go.


At 12:25 pm, Blogger Paul B said...

Bagsie Simon Cowell to your Sharon Osbourne! ;-)

At 8:03 pm, Blogger ill man said...

Which makes me Louis Walsh.......Shite!

Still, it's better than Doctor Fox.......

At 9:56 pm, Anonymous Clairwil said...

I have to say, I wasn't a fan of Sharon until I saw her impressive aray of pained facial expressions during the auditions.


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