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Saturday, November 26, 2005

waterhole #3

The bar was a watering hole for the lost, a neighborhood favorite. Nestled between an Indian food take-out joint and a breakfast diner it was three times as deep as it was wide. The owner traveled to distant ports to keep the over one hundred taps pouring suds. The place attracted an odd crowd because, in the context of local bar culture, the place was a flop. It didn't have one flat screen TV, there was no juke box and the music they played was always allowed to over run by loud conversation. To make things more awkward cellphones didn't work once you got past the foyer because the owner was a particular sort of heretic and bought a device that rendered all of the infernal things inoperable in the establishment.

Standing at the bar, as was the tradition at the taphouse, the young man and the older man were chatting idly about conscience perception. The old man red nosed and and pot bellied from years of standing in the exact same spot. The young man is played by/as a misanthopic trustafarian graduate student( see rastafarian from Connecticut w/ trust fund ).

" well, what if someone told you something that would change your whole outlook and your way of thinking, totally switched the para-digum ? "

Taking a long pull of his traditional small batch, cask conditioned libation the old man peered out over the sea of glasses at the bar for a long minute

" well, I probably wouldn't pay any attention to it, not think about it, keep moving on, you know my life hasn't been bad "

" wow, so if someone told you that there was a amazing way to look at life that could free you mind body and soul you would shrug it off "

" kid, your getting wierd, now, I'll listen, to all these leftist ideas, but, I was a state worker for thirty years so you probably won't say something that hasn't been said, I just wouldn't pay attention "

" wow that's great...Your honesty. "

" So did you say you know Al Bonesteel.....


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