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Saturday, November 19, 2005

We name the radish

Somebody found the growing radish, crashing through asphalt road. It was in Kansai area. People were impressed by the power of the radish. Somebody put a sign next to it saying, "please watch over the growth of him with your warm heart." It became daily pleasure of people to watch him. Young and old, everybody greeted him when they passed by. The radish growed up bigger and stronger. He made people happy. We usually like to learn like how to live strong from the nature. Our nature is not huge like they have in America but it can be very tiny one like an ant, a grain of the sand, or a radish. In recent years, our lives here seem to be full of worries because of so many weird crimes or ailing economy. The sight gave us a small cheer reminding us of our starting point; nothing but the people, the nature and the spirit. Our recent starting point was the post war period. People were poor but rich in mind because they had hope. "Look, the radish tried hard under the ground and finally got sunshine! We should learn from him."

One day, somebody found some cold heart had chopped off the radish. Maybe it was just an accident but some people even cried. Another day, somebody found the rest which had been still in the ground at the primary incident was also missing. Now, the city hall keeps the upper half of the radish, which was found soon, and has been trying to regrow the radish. It was a surprise that they'd already given a name "Dai-chan" to the radish. "Dai" is from Daikon which means the radish in Japanese and "chan" is the sound which we usually add at the end of the children's names. So, "Dai-chan" sounds like he is a very close friend or a member of a community which has a very strong tie. The city thought the radish was a symbol of the strength and they wanted him to become the specialty of their city. Whatever the reason is, they want him to be back again and alive. They like "Dai-chan" a lot. We like "Dai-chan" a lot. They miss him and we miss him. Personally, I thought they should eat him right away, before he got bad. My biggest concern at the moment is how far they will try to regrow him. They believe his DNA is pretty good. Maybe I'll find so many Dai-chans in supermarket soon.

That was pretty funny that people in Shikoku area found an eggplant was growing, crashing through asphalt road like Dai-chan, this time. We like this kind of boom. Before, we had this seal who strayed up into the river in Kanto area. His name was Tama-chan. It's true that his name is pretty famous and you should try to see if your Japanese friend knows him. Tama-chan even got a residence certification from the city hall and even had a trouble when he moved, swimmed to another river of another city. I think he got a new certification from the city at that time but I'm not sure. After Tama-chan, we had some other wild "-chans" here and there. We usually enjoy those visits of the wild lives by just watching them. Basic rule is to "let-it-be." Unfortunately, I don't live none of those areas. My father used to say Japan is full of peace stupors. I think I agree but it's not so bad.


At 2:10 pm, Blogger ill man said...

Bizarre. I know weeds have no problems rupturing tarmac and the like, but vegetables? I agree that someone should just have eaten it once it had been uprooted.

At 9:25 am, Blogger May said...

Or maybe it was sombody's art work???

By the way, thank you Clairwil, I'm flattered!


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