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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Abides and dissipates

I read an interesting meme the other day. Basically, the gist of it was to stop defending yourself. Stand defenseless in front of the world accept critisim and assault with understanding and compassion and use them as opportunities. It descibed some of the most advanced yoga possible; taking negative situational energy and turning it into something positive

The idea that you don't need a point, agenda or dogma to run your life is freeing. Freeing in the sense that you are to do things differently based on what you want out of life. You don't need to worry about following cultural, religious or other ways of life. You don't have to defend any decisicion if it brings you comfort and love. This assumes that you are using your head and trying to be in balance with the environment around you. blah, blah, blah

PART 1 of a short Tale

The twins were two sides of the same coin to be sure. They had the territory all mapped out. Together they were the wonder twins of the underworld. "Form of a felony, shape of money, wonder twin powers activate." Or something like that. He was the brains and the brawn, the cultural baritone. She was the real brains however, happy to let him think that he was in charge as long as it suited her purpose and it almost always did.

Let's take us back to the time when Tom & Kate were children. Tom was a precocious young lad with a toe head and a blue eyes squared jaw and broad shoulders. He learned early that if he puffed up his chest and yelled a lot he could usually get his way. Kate would share in his conquests and at night would put him to sleep by rubbing his head. It was in this manner that they got along and progressed to become the Bonnie & Clyde of the new millennium.

You see, tom did not care about the law. He is the law in his mind. Always has been and always will be. And if motherfuckers would just back off once in a while there wouldn't be any problems.

Kate stayed with Tom to insure that he didn't get in trouble he couldn't handle and If she wasn't there to put him to bed there was trouble. Tom would stay awake for days on end if Kate was away. It was embarrassing for such a big strong man, to have to have his sister come and put him to sleep.

Kate had gone away to the happy, happy, fun, fun hello kitty camp for girls when they were ten. Kate was up for it, ready for some adventure. She enjoyed the four days at camp doing crafts and playing on the monkey bars. Tom did not enjoy it so much. He spent those four days unable to sleep, even when aided by high dosages of sleeping pills. He would be delirious with visions of fairy's and demons after two days of no sleep. His pupils grew the size of saucers. It was not pretty.

His father put him in the back of the Lincoln and reserved a motel room down the road from the camp.

Kate Touched his head as he lay moaning in the back of the Lincoln. Instantly, he fell asleep for twelve hours.

Tom would do whatever it took to keep his sister around, without her he would surely go mad.


At 3:21 am, Blogger GlasgowGigolo54 said...

Absolutely excellent writing, RD. Just my kinda stuff, rewards me for each second I invest in decoding and attaching images from my own reservoir. Can't wait to read Part 2. What I'm wondering is whether they still have to sleep together in their twenties? Twin beds? Does she have to voyeuristically observie3 in detail all his sexual edyucation and development to make sure he will still go to sleep safely after it all? What does he dream of? I get into amazing states of mind after say 60 hours without sleep engaged in energetic activities!
Here's an example:
Quick Change


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