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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Third finger, left hand (updated)

It's official - same sex partnerships came into being in the UK this morning. And Belfast, the last place in Britain to decriminalise homosexuality in 1982, became the first place to host civil partnership ceremonies.
Some of Teh Gays in Northern Ireland just couldn’t wait to slip a finger into a ring.

Some marriages didn’t go without protest however, objectors seized the chance to sermonise to some couples, calling homosexuality an abomination against God. And there was nothing gay about Jesus either while we‘re at it. He had loads of girlfriends. If anyone was knee-deep in pussy it was that roister-doister JC. So what if he didn’t make a big deal about it?

Anyway, the civil partnership act enables same sex couples to obtain legal recognition of their relationship, resulting in new rights in areas such as employment, pensions and inheritance. In other words, they get treated just like normal people. Bless ‘em.

Update: And now look: Über-sleb Sir Elton John and And-His-Partner-David-Furnish became the first “civil partnership” (don’t call it marriage!) to be deemed noteworthy by tatty supermarket magazines and the all those squillions of sleb rags that take up all the shelf-space in newsagents.

The ceremony took place at the Guildhall in posh Windsor - where Prince Chuck and Whatsherface tied the knot earlier in the year. The BBC website helpfully reports that “They were preceded by a small number of guests, including a young woman with a black-and-white dog on a lead”.

Sir Elt and HPDF will then host a party at their gilded pile. Police have issued warnings to the public about expected dangerously high levels of camposity, and that all those who suffer adverse reactions to fake-tan, sequins and air-kissing have been advised to run for the hills. Run! And don’t look back, don’t ever look back!


At 10:24 am, Blogger Clairwil said...

From this weeks Popbitch

Elton has final blow-out before matrimony

Good luck to Elton and David today!
News from the hen night suggests that
even Lemmy would have found it hard going.

Which paparazzi favourite was "at it like
a Dyson" in the toilets?

Which comedian preferred ketamine?

Who said “I’ve been to the hardest
gay clubs in the world, and the drugs
at this were way more hardcore than
any of them.”


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