A Mischief Of Magpies

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lying To Your Parents Is a Valid Lifestyle Choice.

Ah, the good old Daily Mail, where would we be without it? I'll tell you where, a world where people were tricked into thinking that everything wasn't just black and white, a world where people only got hysterical in extreme circumstances, a world where headlines delivered what they promised, in other words a saner, more relaxed world. Anyway the Chicken Licken of Fleet Street is off on one again about CHILDREN ABORTING CHILDREN!!!!!! Oh My God.

As far as I can make out the sketch is that some woman is complaining that her daughter can't have a plaster applied in school but could be referred for an abortion by a school nurse. Instead of thinking the whole thing through rationally, like what I have and concluding that nurses should hand plasters over to teenagers, who in my experience are large enough to apply their own, she's gone off on one about abortion. My personal view is that the age of consent for everything should be lowered to thirteen, treating teenagers like babies just encourages them to behave like cheeky children with an alcohol habit.

To wander back towards the point I see no harm in lying to ones parents at any age. My entire relationship with my parents is based on lies and has been since I started masturbating twenty years ago. For heaven's sake, the entire point of abortion is to get one out of a scrape, why spoil things and make people grass themselves up? Will the men or boys who are partially responsible for these pregnancies be tracked down and forced to confess to their parents? I think not. Therefore society is treating women and girls differently on the basis of gender, which I believe is sexism and not allowed.

For the record, at the age of thirty my parents know we are related and little else. They don't know; I live with a guinea pig called Belle, I have a strictly twice weekly boyfriend, I resigned from my last job without securing further employment first, I have had an abortion and fancy getting sterilised. I'd merely like to extend the same right of privacy to the kiddies. Am I wrong? Parents only ever do what they think is in your best interests, never what actually is.