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Monday, December 12, 2005

Blog Of The Week


It is I Clairwil, wise and benevolent leader of the mischief. In an effort to fill space productively I will be launching a new blog of the week feature. Every weekend either my co ruler or myself will recommend three blogs that make us very happy indeed. In other words we'll wade through hundreds of shit blogs, so you don't have to, to find the good stuff.

Please feel free to nominate any blogs that you think are worth highlighting, though I shall ignore any contributors blogs that are nominated because I don't want them getting all conceited.


Stay at home dad

I have been staying at home with my two daughters, ages 1 & 3, for the past two weeks. I really can't encapsulate the experience in a few words. It is everything from rewarding to degrading. I am managing to keep the house clean, do the laundry, keep the kids entertained, do the shopping and take care of dinner.

I think the little pill that I am taking is helping because I have been able to control my temper with the kids very easily. I haven't felt like clenching my teeth or super sensitive/impatient. Even when my youngest is crying and biting my calf while I'm trying to pry candy out of the hands of the oldest who wasn't supposed to have any in the first place.

It is easy to stay at home. No bullshit, my morning is a cushy schedule of getting the kids and I dressed and fed and the house cleaned in the morning. I n the afternoon we go out and do an activity or two. Today, we went snow sledding in the park and after naps/snacks we will go to the grocery store to get dinners for the week. After lunch we play various games around the house til 4 and we cook dinner to eat at five. The hardest part is fitting in a load or two of laundry. After dinner the kids get there bath then it's off to bed by 7:30. I get to hang out in sweat pants and a tshirt all day. No boss, can I say it again, no boss.

I went ot a Jewish wedding in northern New Jersey and was amazed at the whole affair. It is so diffrerent from any other wedding. First let me just say, open bar the whole time, OMG, top shelf. The food was gourmet, they had a vodka bar, ice sculptures, sushi, caviar, and then we went to dinner, it just got better. The band was good and I really liked it when they played " pour some sugar on me ". Q and I got completely loaded off champagne and vodka and went back to the hotel to try some Tantric sex. A good time was had by all.

Yesterday, I competed in a ski event for charity at White face, here is the photo. Not my best but it'll do.