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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Blog Of The Week


It is I Clairwil, this week's wise judge of blog of the week. The nominations are Pondlife, Chase Me Ladies and Emerald Bile.

And the winner by a mile is Emerald Bile, Here is a taster below.

Not in my name

I like receiving presents a lot. I really am not that fussy, I like expensive underwear, scent, cookery books, jewels, chocolates (British, no continental shite), and pretty much anything from Millets the outdoor pursuits shop. Not that I am particularly into outdoor pursuits, I like a nice walk up a hill, but all the small pots and pans and the towels that dry in a minute are fucking excellent. I would not even turn my nose up at a calendar with some nice pictures on it. I mean, giving a calendar implies a wish for the recipient of the calendar to be a bit organised, which some people might take as a cheeky fucking insult, but not me no. I am all big hearted about receiving presents, even if they are a bit shite.

There is only one type of present which makes me feel violent, and that is the Ethical Gift Certificate.

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Meerry Party Season, Every One!

Yes, I thought I really ought to share THIS with y'all!