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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Blog Of The Week

And so we arrive once more at our Blog Of The Week spot. Three candidates for inspection as tradition demands. One of them(Scary Duck) was kindly forwarded by Paul B, the others I found on my travels............

Tampon Teabag.

A blog i'm still trying to get a handle on. It had me in fits with the utterly disgraceful "Ballad Of One Fingered Bobert". Lots of stuff to root about in and plenty of lively correspondance. It's not been updated in a wee while which is a shame.

Hampden And Hell.
A football blog with a somewhat ecumenical bent. A strange mixture, but it works well with biblical wisdom being aptly applied to the bizarre world of Scottish football. Could do with being a little more esoteric and less Big league oriented in my opinion but it's certainly the most interesting sport blog i've stumbled upon.

And finally,the awesome Scary Duck.

Does this guy need any more attention? Between thirty and fifty replies to each post. The bastard! The blog is as sharp as they come. It's mainly everyday stuff, a bit of childhood and adolescent recolection recounted in the kind of "Fuck My Luck" style I wish I could pull off on a regular basis. He also lets us know, on occassion, a little too much with regards to body functions, but it's done in an almost innocent manner and fails to repulse too much.

Anyway, visit them all and make your own descision.

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Hampden And Hell
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