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Friday, December 30, 2005

All Hail The Duck of Fear, For He Is Mighty.......


It is I Clairwil. Without further ado here are the results for Blog of the Week.

In first place we have Scaryduck,

In second place Tampon Teabag

and in third place the excellent Hampden and Hell.

Well done to all of you.

My nominations for next weeks winner are as follows

1. Baruchitos Homecage, this is a blog purporting to be written by a hamster. Normally this type of thing would have me reaching for my Armalite but I'm quite taken with this blog. Baruchito seems like a fine wee fellow and there are lots of pictures of him strutting about on his blog. Thank-you to fellow Aries Head Apollo for this nomination.

2. To Norway On A Bicycle. Unfortunately this nomination from Alan came in whilst I was shortlisting my choices, so I've not been able to have a good poke round. However from what I have seen, it is as chilly and intriguing as it's title suggests and well worth a look.

3. Chicken Yoghurt. This is a fantastic blog mainly concerned with UK politics and current affairs. Plenty to get your teeth into and very highly recommended.

4. Don't Bomb Us . My illegal and hitherto unprecedented fourth choice. This blog is written by Al-Jazeera staffers who are understandably upset about those they have lost in previous bombings and somewhat concerned at the possibility of further bombings.

Please take the time to visit all of the above and vote for your choice below.

Blog Of The Week- Have YOUR Say.
Baruchitos Homecage
To Norway On A Bicycle
Chicken Yoghurt
Don't Bomb Us
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