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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And if you sit on cold steps you'll get piles.......

I hope all you young folks swanning about with your i-pods and the like are paying attention to the nice Mr Townsend, after all he does take a keen interest in the welfare of young people.

Pete is very concerned about the kiddiewinks damaging their hearing by listening to music via headphones. As an ex-call centre worker the money grabbing part of me sees a massive compo claim in this, given that this is the only period in my life I have been forced to use headphones on a daily basis, though I was listening to shouting and pointless waffle that, so far as I can tell has only damaged my brain, I'm certainly more nervous since working there.

Anyway to saunter back towards the point Pete reckons that playing loudly at gigs hasn't affected his hearing, instead it's the headphones. I have left many a gig with ringing in my ears which has lasted up to two days, I can't say that I've suffered any obvious hearing problems from using headphones so far. Pete reminds me of those people with smoking related illnesses' who insist until their last breath that it wasn't the fags, it was the stress, an in-born defect, the drink, their bad marriage that made them ill.

I must declare an interest here, I've been very suspicious of old Pete since the child porn allegations. You may remember that he was caught with child porn downloaded onto his computer and got off because he was 'researching a book'. It's just that I notice that the report detailing Pete's worries about the kid's hearing mentions that he's working on new material for The Who's forthcoming tour, but doesn't mention 'the book'.

Can anyone help me? When is Pete's autobiography coming out? And why on earth would anyone 'think' they'd been abused? Either your rights have been violated or they haven't. I cannot see how having a good old squint at a child porn website would answer that question at all.


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