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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blog Of The Week


It is I, Clairwil with the results of 'Blog of The Week'. Let's all raise a glass to this weeks winner 'This is The News' and give a big rousing cry of 'it's not the winning, it's the taking part that counts' to 'Death Row Diary' and 'Dan Allen'. I must say I feel a bit sorry for that death row fellow, imagine sitting in jail waiting to be killed for a crime you didn't commit then coming second in a blog of the week contest. Life can be very unfair.

Anyway moving on here are this weeks nominations.

'Prestonstreet' is a group blog written by what appears to be an unusually gleeful and mischievous gaggle of undergraduates. Their main hobbies are 'pegging' and scientific experiments of dubious value. I like them a lot, they make me chuckle. Although I'd like to point out that if they come anywhere near me with their pegs I'll have them birched.

'Post Secret' is an art project which involves members of the public sending in confessions on handmade postcards. I'm slightly obsessed by it at present, not least because I wish I'd thought of it first.

'I am David Duff' has had me cackling like a drain all week. As I'm sure most of you are aware David Duff is Britain's most prolific blogger. What some of you may not know is that David is plagued by a number of fake Duffs who until now had restricted themselves to commenting under the name David Duff. One of the impostors who's identity is currently shrouded in mystery has started a spoof blog by the name 'I am David Duff'. I have been most amused by this account of the imagined events in the Duff household.

So there we are, that's this weeks nominations. Happy voting and remember you can nominate your choices for next week by clicking here.

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Post Secret
I am David Duff
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At 12:00 am, Anonymous Ian said...

PostSecret is clearly the stand-out winner; I have rarely seen such a consistently moving series of artistic creations. Or is that David Duff I'm thinking of? Anyway, can I ask the criteria on which the candidates are selected? It does sometimes seem to me a little like we're being asked to choose between a Triumph Bonneville and a Cadbury's Bourneville...

At 12:18 am, Blogger Clairwil said...

Oh Ian you had to ask about the selection process. Well it goes roughly like this. At a random moment near the end of the week I will think shit! Blog of the week. Oh Fuck a theme! a theme! Then I'll get distracted and pick any three I've enjoyed at random or if I'm really lucky someone might have nominated something. Feel free to suggests blogs, themes other improvements.

At 12:23 am, Blogger Clairwil said...

Oh and you're right Post Secret is fantastic.

At 1:37 pm, Anonymous david duff said...

Pah! Post Secret is not even a real blog!

Vote for Duff or be damned!

At 6:20 pm, Blogger Clairwil said...

My apologies Mr Duff. It's becoming increasingly clear blogdom would descend into brute idiocy without your wise guidance.


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