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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blog Of The Week


It's time for the results of this weeks Blog of the Week poll which have been the closest so far.

In first place we have everyone's favourite Duff impersonator 'I Am David Duff'. However I fear his victory may be short lived as he faces the real Duff later in the week in a Duff off. That's right you read it here first, I am pleased to announce that at some point later in the week the Mischief will be hosting the internets very first Duff off. Details to follow.

In second place we have chirpy folks at Prestonstreet losing out by a mere three votes and in third place Post Secret.

Well done to all of you.

Moving on, here are this weeks nominations.

Trout Factory Notebook

The blog of Trane DeVore, an American living and lecturing in Osaka, Japan. A sometimes dense but always entertaining journal dotted with some fascinating and often beautiful photographs. Add to this an excellent choice of template and you have a blog that not only reads well but is also pleasing to the eye. So far I've only managed to read the most recent page, but I'd be more than happy to spend an hour or so reading through the archive material. Heartily recommended.

Not In My Bible

Almost the polar opposite of TFN, Not In My Bible is absolutely relentless. The author, one 'Christianlibrul' is a hater of all things Bush and GOP. He also seems to be a Christian. You could argue from either side on this one, especially the assertion that America is becoming a fascist state under the Republicans, but ultimately, it's just a good place to go and see some righteous rage that more often than not hits it's target.

They Promised Us Jetpacks And We Got Blogs

The musings of the enigmatic R. The blog itself has been going since July last year but it's really only got into it's stride recently. Have a look through the archive. It's sparse, but worth a peek for some nice photos. The real meat of the blog however has been in the last month or so as R. divulges more about himself. Oral sex, dalliances with born again Christianity, prescription drug conundrums and a shady past in the advertising industry.......................A funny, likeable blog well worth keeping an eye on.

Blog of the Week
Trout Factory Notebook
Not In My Bible
They Promised Us Jet Packs
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