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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Blog Of The Week


It's results time for this weeks blog of the week contest.

First place goes to 'They Promised Us Jet Packs'.

In second place we have 'Trout Factory Notebook'

and in third place 'Not In My Bible'.

Well done to all of you.

The nominations for this week are as follows,

Vaporise Barney
This is a blog by 'the anti-barney' of Dublin. The blog covers a wide range of subjects from pubs to plastic to the recruitment of priests. He doesn't just write about stuff beginning with 'p' though, he writes about all sorts and he's very funny indeed.

Double Life
This blog is by a part-time call-girl whose friends and family have no idea she's a prostitute. It's a very new blog, less than a month old, however it's found it's feet very quickly and is well worth a regular visit.

Jamie's Big Voice
This blog is written by a man who has spent most of his life homeless and has struggled with drug addiction. He writes mainly about issues affecting the homeless. I should stress that despite the issues this blog deals with it is not at all depressing. It's good to hear the views of someone with first hand experience of homelessness rather than the usual politicians and professionals.

Blog Of The Week
Jamies Big Voice
Double Life
Vaporise Barney
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