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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I Love Horses. They're my friends


Relive the equestrian dream.



At 10:05 pm, Blogger GlasgowGigolo54 said...

Dear Clair,
Am I to understand, in my naive childish 54-year-old fashion, in slow motion, that I have been expelled from A Mischief Of Magpies, just on the threshold of revealing my master-plan? If so, (a) why? isn't a man entitled to know the reasoning(s) behind his demasculation? (b)You wally! You don't have a clue what you're actually doing.
(c)You hate your Dad, right?

At 1:47 am, Blogger Clairwil said...

(a)All you posted were shite pictures when we wanted written posts.
(b)I hardly think you are in a position to judge.
(c)I have no ill feelings towards my father at all and in the event I did I'd take them out on him, not some preposterous old hippy that's failed to realise the party ended 35 years ago.

Now fuck off.

At 2:11 am, Blogger Clairwil said...

Oh and by the way no-one gives a flying fuck about your master plan. Especially if it is as tedious and shite as putting up a post dated a few months before this blog started about dreaming that a blog called 'A Mischief of Magpies' would start. Fuck me how terribly mystical of you. We were all up for hours wondering how such a freaky event occurred.

Now fuck off you tedious old fossil*.

* For anyone who thinks I'm being a bit harsh, I would point out that this idiot has sent me a number of increasingly threatening and unpleasant e-mails. I am no longer prepared to tolerate this harassment and will track the author down and fillet him like a fish long before he gets his hands on me.


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