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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blog Of The Week

This weeks winner is Vaporise Barney, Jamie is in second place and Double Life is third.

This weeks nominees......................

West Coast Ramblings
Currently beavering away on an Open University course, West Coaster finds just enough time to pass on his thoughts about the world in general and the various trials and tribulations of his studies. An Excellent Blog.

Castros Favourite Color
A pleasing combination of withering political comment, film reviews and the odd spot of silliness. The blog is written by a Bostonian called Howard. My favourite blog title this week.

Onan-On Line The life of Rob and his battles with shoddy bathrooms, talking machines and the memories that old bank statements bring back(read the blog, you'll see what he means) Funny and well written, this is one you'll come back to again.

Get voting you filthy curs...............!!

Blog Of The Week- Have YOUR say.
West Coast Ramblings
Castros Favourite Colour
Onan- On Line
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