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Saturday, February 11, 2006

He's Not The Messiah etc......................

Did anyone see Pete Doherty on Channel 4 news tonight? It's either hilarious or deeply depressing depending on how seriously you take things. Channel 4 news gave him about five minutes to mumble incoherently, tunelessly strum an acoustic guitar and, well, not a lot else to be frank. Thankyou channel four. When do I get mine................?

The self destructive rock star has long been venerated by wanky rock hacks and middle class teenagers and Doherty is no exception. The problem is that most doomed hedonists to have blazed a trail across vinyl and celluloid in the past fifty years(or more) have left an imprint, regardless of their failings. There has been something about them that has transcended the shitty circumstances of their existance. Not so our Pete. As empty a vessel as Mr Simon Ritchie but while Sid was never considered an artist Doherty is given a kind of kudos that still strikes me as bewildering. His post Libertines album underlines the fact that his artistic effectiveness was always going to be in conjunction with his old foil Carl Barratt. A lyrical nonentity and an awful singer who manages the unprecedented feat(in my listening experience) of making his backing band sound good.

After his latest brush with the law, he has pledged to stay clean. All very commendable but I can't help feeling that when your only talent is getting wasted, it would be such a shame to cast it aside so readily.

I still think he would be better served working as a male model. He is rather beautiful in a certain light you know......................... Which puts him a grade or two above this twat.


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