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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Introducing: The Sheriff Of Calton Creek

Lobey Dosser was the creation of Bud Neill, a cartoonist for The Glasgow Evening News and latterly the Glasgow Evening Times. Lobey became something of a Glaswegian folk hero in his adventures as a law man for an enclave of ex-pat Glaswegians in the Old West of America. His Horse, El Fideldo had only two legs, his nemesis, Rank Bajin'(Very Bad Man) was a soot black silhouette of malevolence and nefariousness.

With a plethora of supporting characters and the Galaswegian dialect weaving it's magic into the deeply surreal tales, the serialised strips were awaited eagerly by many natives of the city throughout it's run between 1949 and 1956.

The statue in the photo above sits on Woodlands Road in Glasgow and shows Lobey, Rank and El Fideldo at rest, appropriately across the road from the Halt Bar before one imagines, loping off into the sunset looking for the new adventure that never comes. I have a sad feeling few know what it represents or care to stop long enough to have a look at the inscription.

Lobey Lives! At least in this house he does...................


At 9:39 pm, Blogger Clairwil said...

I love that wee statue. That can be a mini mini gyp. A wee gyp on the way elsewhere perhaps?

At 10:19 pm, Blogger ill man said...

On the way to.............Kelvingrove/Botanic Gardens perhaps?.

It's a brilliant statue. One of my favourite things in Glasgow. We'll get better shots of it then. That was taken on the way home from work. I also had to be quick because there was some grumpy looking bloke wanting to sit on the statues mounting and have a fag. .


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