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Saturday, February 18, 2006

More Questions Than Answers: Madonna Makes A Stand

Ok, i'm a hypocrite. I like cars. I like motorcycles. But I hate motorists and motorcyclists. I like the engineering, the way they look and sound, but the tits that ride and drive them.............? Fuck 'em. I agree that public transport aint what it could be and as a result people with cars prefer to sit gridlocked in their little boxes on the way to and from work than take their chances with the awful realities of pervs and neds on buses, their brutally rude and harrassed drivers and standing in packed trains for an hour. Oh yes, and taking your life in your hands by entering the subway late at night. It needn't be like this of course. For instance, in Glasgow, the integrated transport infrastructure is all there, it just needs some money spent on it. And people with billy clubs to maim anything in a tracksuit should it decide to act the twat..........

Which leads me tediously and not before time to my point. I hear Mrs Guy Ritchies getting all lathered up about having to pay a congestion charge in London. What the fuck is her problem? Oh dear, they asked for your phone number, can't have that can we...............Is she special or something? Oh, yes, she is, isn't she...............Queen Of Pop and all that. She answers her own quandry when she says she could get a pay-as-you-go mobile to use for this purpose. Oh, such a bloody hassle. I realise she can't just hop a bus, but is she really that paranoid that she believes that officialdom gives a flying fart about who she might be.................

Do I agree with a toll for motorists? Not really, but what the fuck can you do when people will habitually hop in their cars and drive to a place they could quite easily walk or take the bus/tube to? What can you do when city streets jam solid with cars, each one containing a human being that is slowly but surely going absolutely apeshit, day by day, week by week, year by year. Sod pollution, it's the mental hygiene of the average car driving human being that worries me. I see it every day on my home/work route. Horn sounding becomes a norm, almost an outlet, chopping and undertaking, disregarding gridboxes on junctions. All before you get onto the jammed to fuck motorway.................. All I can say is that i'm happy I don't drive, otherwise i'd have lamped someone or had a nervous breakdown by now. There is a reason why I lead the life I do you know........................

Ask yourself this question though. The money spent widening the M25 only for it to inevevitably be jammed to the gunnals again, the money spent linking the M74 to the M8 which will only briefly alleviate the jams on the north and west flanks of the Glasgow city centre bypass. Surely such funds, although long ago allocated to motorway building, would have been better spent on public transport systems. or am I just being a stupid leftie twat?

Don't answer that.

Anyway, can't see what la Ciccone is getting her leotard in a twizzle about. I'm assuming the charge does actually reduce congestion in London. Or are car drivers as bloody minded as I think they might be?

'Fuck it! It's costing me but it sure as hell beats sitting next to a troglodyte or being crushed to a pulp in the tube.'

A question with no real answer, i'll grant you, but everyone's got some take on it and I welcome any abuse, derision, agreement and fresh insight that may come my way.



At 9:10 pm, Blogger Clairwil said...

God I hate stingy people. The mad old bitch is worth millions. What's her fucking problem? In any case she knows where the airport is.


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