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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stop It Now, Mr Blair Is Getting Very Cross

Oh dear Mr Blair, do you think anyones listening? Do you think they'll ever listen? Maybe that's the problem with bombing the shite out of a country, invading it, occupying it and trying to impose your will on it. It doesn't leave people terribly well disposed towards heeding your words when the shit inevitably hits the fan.

He can wring his hands until doomsday over the latest insurgency outrage but I have a sad feeling that this is the final straw for the Shi'ite populace of Iraq and his pleas for restraint will fall on very deaf ears.


At 2:08 pm, Blogger Clairwil said...

They want fucking horsewhipped for destroying that.
As for Blair, I'm starting to suspect there are two Tony Blairs, each having no knowledge of what the other is up to. The nice calm one appears every so often to say something reasonable. Then mad Blair launches one of his crazy schemes.

At 12:49 am, Blogger ill man said...

Depressing but inevitable. Couldn't believe my luck when I found the before/after shot. The place looked absolutely awesome.


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