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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Child Support Agency...

I had a good old rant on my own blog about this particular subject, but seeing as I deleted all my archives in a fit of woe-is-me, I'll briefly recap:

They have my name wrong.
They have my address wrong.
They have my national insurance number wrong.
And they have my ex's name wrong.

I haven't been able to cash the child support they send me because I've no ID for this mythical being they've created.

I'm not even going to go into the other balls-ups they've made - like suddenly shutting my case down because they decided my son had been removed from my care when he hadn't, or letting my ex away without paying hundreds of pounds of maintenance because they lost a form - because we'd be here all day.

I phoned them up for what must be the seventh time to try and get them to sort out the mistakes they'd made with my details.

I sat back with the phone, expecting to have to fight my way through the computer system for several minutes...and a real human being answered.

I was so surprised it took me a moment to gather myself and ask for my new case worker. I expected to be told she was unavailable and would call me back - oooh, around never - but she came on the line.

I told her about all the various mistakes the CSA had made, the five letters I'd written and six other phone calls I'd made to sort it out with no joy...and she corrected the mistakes and apologised profusely, right then and there.

What's more, I received it in writing the following morning.

I'm still stunned.

Ms B, case worker with the CSA, you have given me a tiny bit of hope in the system.

Which is probably dangerous.


At 3:50 pm, Blogger Clairwil said...

Good God! A competant member of staff at the CSA, how on earth did she get through the screening process?

At 9:07 pm, Blogger ill man said...

Doesn't their 'system' get the blame for a lot of this sort of stuff?

Maybe they source their staff from Scottish Water..........

At 8:37 am, Blogger Aine said...

Ms B believes the reason for all these mistakes is that a case is passed round different departments for various things, and each one makes a mistake...chinese whispers.

Apparently, the infamous CSA computer system is not being used, everything is being done clerically so they can fix all the screw ups.

And doubtless put everything back on the computer system once they're done.


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