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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Danger! Nazi's On Campus.

Just tumbled on this one. Dr Frank Ellis of Leeds University has been suspended, due to his promotion of various ludicrous and ill concieved theories about the role race plays in how intelligent someone is. His theories revolve around the concept that black people naturally have lower intellectual abilities on average than their white counterparts. This he argues, is nothing to do with socio-economic conditions etc, rather it's simple biology. As I said, utter horseshite.

The suspension is partly a rap on the knuckles by his employers for what they see as irresponsibility in divulging his controversial beliefs to a student paper, and partly due to the baying mob of outraged studes who want him out of the University.

His views make little or no sense to anyone with any intellect currently living in the real world, to anyone whos experience of people in the rawness of day-to-day life completely flies in the face of his 'evidence'. I wonder how much effort has been made to engage Mr Ellis in debate? Call his bluff surely, bring him out into the cold light of day and see how far he's willing to argue his theories before his right arm starts twitching, Dr Strangelove like, and he starts declaring his undying love for the fatherland.................

Maybe the fact that the views of Dr Ellis are so utterly absurd and play to theories expounded by the far right means that any reaction to them is inevitably going to be somewhere off the deep end. It's difficult not to loathe the guy. His views on homosexuality and immigrants are equally repellent, yet they're just extreme versions of some of the more nauseating lines of attack employed by the Mail and Express. The 'Black' theory however is one that only the educationally subnormal or the most dedicated racist would subscribe to with any confidence.

I just feel it's an opportunity lost. A chance to humiliate a racist, especially one who hides behind 'scientific research' should be too good to miss. There are so many questions i'd like to ask him.........................


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