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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

21st Century Man And The 'Peak Oil' Bell Curve

Rob Newman popped up on my tv screen tonight. A welcome sight he was too. He's looking well. Sort of. Haven't seen hide nor hair of him since his nineties partnership with David Baddiel, though I hear he's an author of some note now. I don't read as much as I ought to so that one obviously passed me by. Anyway, he has a new thing. 'Rob Newman's History Of Oil', a one off show before a live audience, intercut with the odd sketch to make a point or lighten the mood. Boy, does the mood need lightening. According to the theory of 'Peak Oil' we're all shafted. There would also seem to be more than a little truth in the allegation that the whole 'Axis Of Evil'/Iraq War thing was conjured up because certain oil producing nations took a fancy to Euro's rather than Dollars. Anyway, don't know where and when it will be repeated but you might see it on Channel 4 after it's initial digital outing. Then again, you might not.......................


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