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Monday, April 03, 2006

Blog Of The Week

Here was me thinking we had a dead heat. We don't. In the time it's taken me to get this whole shebang up and ready to be posted it would seem we have a winner.
In reverse order we have............

The Japing Ape in third place

Cape To Rio a close second

.............and with a late, late surge we have this weeks winner............... Bawbags


This weeks selection is as follows:

Bored Athenians - A rather entertaining group blog. Check out Skeletor doing the Britney sculpture. Peurile? Sure, but so is the sculpture. Also have a wee look about for the McDonalds online game in which one has to employ corruption, exploitation and slash and burn to keep your profits up as long as possible. Make sure you click on the archive box and the latest date to get the full blog.

The World According To Rob Damnit! - Meet Rob. He's a gay bloke from Chicago, who likes to poke a bit of fun at the obsessively straight in America. More to the point, he also has a damn fine picture of Bush in a liplock with the Canadian PM. Lovely. Anyway, stick yer heads in and say hello.

Oblong Scone - Welcome to the world of Matt Lobster. A world of obstinate cats sitting on your car of a morning, blood donation veterans and tediously sarcastic hotel receptionists. I could go on but all my description here can do is detract from this blog, to render it prosaic when in fact it's a treasure trove of very well written world weariness and dry wit. This chap deserves an audience.

Mischief Blog Of The Week
Bored Athenians
The World According To Rob DAMNIT!
Oblong Scone
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