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Monday, April 10, 2006

Blog Of The Week.


Uncork the champagne and throw a hat in the air, it's blog of the week time!

This weeks winner is The World According To Rob DAMMIT!

In second place we have good old Oblong Scone

and last but not least Bored Athenians.

Well done everyone.

I've only had one nomination this week- thankyou Pam, so I've had to raid my sidebar for the other two. You can nominate by clicking here and you don't have to be a member of the Mischief to do so. If anyone reading this would be interested in writing for the Mischief please click here for details.

First up we have Glitter For Brains a blog written by a fellow who saucily describes himself as a choking hazard and is very, very funny.

Next up we have the fantastic Pickled Politics an Asian group blog concentrating mainly on news and current affairs. Never boring and one I highly recommend.

Finally I have decided to nominate El Barbudo and yes I am aware he's thrown in the towel however he's very kindly left behind a splended archive so you can relive the good times or see what you missed.

Now get voting.

Blog Of The Week
Pickled Politics
Glitter For Brains
El Barbudo
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