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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Good God! A Fraudulent Psychic!


Some time ago on my own blog I posted about a frankly bizarre e-mail I received after foolishly entering my details on a website offering free horoscopes during a moment of boredom.
I'm shocked to have to tell you all that this so-called psychic is a FRAUD! I know, I know I can hardly believe it myself. Next thing I'll find I've wasted my money replying to these e-mails offering me a big penis at a bargain price.

Naturally I smelt a rat and didn't take her up on her generous offers to transform my life for a bargain price. Unfortunately some poor bastards have sent 'psychic' Sara Freder cash for a startlingly ugly photograph, some trinkets and the same mystical bollocks she sends all of her dupes. On the one hand I can understand why someone would go into business defrauding gullible people and I must confess I'm slightly jealous I didn't think of it first. On the other the shoddiness of the whole thing irritates me 'send me money or bad stuff will happen'. It's pathetic and slightly sick. I was pondering e-mailing her to ask why if she had certain knowledge that I was in danger, she was charging me money for her help knowing full well I was skint. That strikes me as mean.

I'm feeling a bit Watchdog this evening which is why I've decided to add this post to the others denouncing this chancer. Of course there's no chance any of this will put her out of business, I'm sure a clairvoyant of her abilities will have seen it all coming and set up a brand new scam.



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