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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This is why people stay at home

The Organ
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Christ it really isn't surprising that the state of the music industry relies so heavily on things like MySpace and downloads these days.

Today I TRIED to order a ticket to go and see a band live.

It happened to be The Organ.

I tired to order online through See Tickets but they refused my debit card, repeatedly telling me that the security code was wrong (which it was not, you calling me a liar you bunch of ****??!).
So I gave up and tried to order through the venue direct.
And was put on hold until my mobile credit ran out.

Then I tried Ticketweb but they didn't list the event I wanted to go see, which is a shame because I've used Ticketweb a few times and they've always been very good.
But no, that was not to be.

So I tried Ticketmaster online - but they kept putting time limits on filling in forms, which meant I was constantly being put back to the beginning - arrrghh!!!
Plus Ticketmaster want you to agree to let them spam you - their terms and conditions don't actually let you opt out of them passing on your details, which is just shit.
And SO shouldn't be allowed.
I couldn't just order a ticket - I had to sign up to their bollocks mailing list spams and 'register' with them.
I'm TRYING to support an artist here, people!!

What a load of old annoying cuntymints.

So I try ringing Ticketmaster, hoping that if I ring them they won't email me daily with a load of crud about Robbie'fuckingcunt'Williams and all the other shit I hate.
But they won't let you, and then I got trapped into an inescapable list of their terms and conditions - the only way out was to listen to the reams of t&c until the end or hang up.
So I hung up.


Eventually I gave up.
I decided I'd just sit on hold to the actual venue for a few hours, so I topped up the mobile phone and just hoped the battery would stick it out.
It did.
A nice lady answered after a few minutes.
I almost sobbed in glee.
I didn't care about the postage and booking fee (why why why can't you just turn up and see a show, eh?) by this point.
But I did only book one ticket.
I'll go alone.
I'll be a billynomates.
Really, I don't care. Just give me the ticket.

The nice lady said she went to see The Organ last night and she 'loved The Organ'.
It didn't occur to me this could be a chat up line.
Maybe it's a good thing I only booked one ticket...

Anyway, so result.
Card finally went through - seemingly I was to 'blame Leeds and Reading' as the festival tickets went on sale today, hence why I was having trouble getting through.

But really.
Is it any wonder people just download songs off the internet?
Is it surprising sales of singles have died when no one can get to a bloody concert?

Music industry, hang your heads in shame!


At 4:12 pm, Blogger Aine said...

"Is it surprising sales of singles have died when no one can get to a bloody concert?"

That and them costing five quid for one decent song and a pile of shite.

At 8:33 pm, Blogger ill man said...

haven't been to a gig in years. In my day you popped into Virgin and bought a ticket. Can you still do this sort of thing? If you can't it's a bag of old shite.

At 2:15 pm, Blogger Aine said...

I think you still can, actually.

At 9:56 pm, Blogger ill man said...

I hope so. If the Flaming Lips are coming anywhere near Scotland, i'll be hunting down a ticket in jig time.


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