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Monday, May 01, 2006

Blog Of The Week

No winners to announce from last week, so i'll just get straight to the point and announce this weeks nominees.

Tabloid Whore - Hollywood scandal blog. Tabloid Whore reads The Enquirer and other scandal rags so you dear reader don't have to...................Say thankyou.

The Curmudgeon - Current affairs blog. Some of you will be familiar with Philip Challinor's musings (just going by his links list) but i've only recently stumbled upon it. Check out his 'Satanic Supplement' for some interesting new definitions of some familiar terms.

Miss Snark, The Literary Agent - er..........advice blog? Odd one this. Quite funny, and that's just the bizarre questions people ask. Miss Snark dispenses her wisdom along the way and on a few occassions demonstrates she's also not afraid to to be brutally honest with those who ask for it.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Please Start Your Voting.

Mischief Of Magpies Blog Of The Week
Tabloid Whore
The Curmudgeon
Miss Snark
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At 12:51 pm, Blogger Philip said...

I am honoured at the nomination, but if you don't spell my name right you won't need anyone to define hissy-fit for you.

At 5:48 pm, Blogger ill man said...

Sorry Philip.

The corrections have been made.


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