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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Egg, meet face

My last post here was a bit of a sneer at people who don't take their online privacy seriously enough, making themselves easy targers for spammers, phishers and the like. But maybe it's possible to take your online security a little too seriously.

I have a dog. She's a German Shepherd. And we recently discovered that she sufferes from chronic superficial keratitis, a genetic eye disorder which if left untreated can lead to blindness. The vet prescribed a cream that needs to be put in her eye twice a day and - since the disease is exacerbated by ultraviolet light - she also reccomended that we buy some sunglasses for the dog to protect her eyes when we're outside.

It isn't easy finding shades for a hound, but we did eventually locate a pet products website that was able to supply us with a pair of doggles.

They take PayPal. I have a PayPal account. So no problems there, and the doggles were duly ordered.

And then nothing. And nothing. And still nothing.

Eventually, after about a week, I decided to look at my PayPal account to see if any money had been taken out of it. What I discovered was that, because Pet Essentials is a US based firm, there is an additional shipping cost which PayPal was waiting for me to approve.

So for all those PayPal emails that I'd deleted without opening on the assumption that they were either spam or phishes... Oops.

I still don't click on links in HTML emails, but I have learned that assuming that an email received just after I've used the account is spam isn't necessarily the cleverest thing to do.


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