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Monday, May 08, 2006


Today, ahh, today continues to be a good day, sated, excited and exacerbating the situation. Refraing from masturbation, I slept in this morning tel' about nine. The machinations of the clock told me I slept for eleven hours. Damnation, I must have needed the rest.

I made it to the gym for a paltry half hour before picking up my daughters from their mothers. Q was having a party and a lot of her friends where at the house. I felt uncomfortable, judged. I realize this is my interpretation. A couple of her girlfriends said hello to me and were polite. Q and I are 90% friendly. I keep her at arms distance and don't offer information. I still have to hang up on her from time to time when she gets enraged and starts spiting fuck you's and mother fuckers. I am confirmed every time I see her. Confirmed, that I made the right decision for me and my kids.

I took both of my daughters to the ringling brothers circus. They had a good time and I really enjoyed myself for the fist two hours. It was truly a pro-show. Lions, zebras, and, elephants oh my. I resisted the cotton candy and twirling lights, snow cones, lemonade drinks, and fried dough. I brought water and a bag of life cereal. My youngest really wanted some popcorn and my oldest asked for nothing, happy with the cereal and water. I had loaded them up to capicity earlier in the day with ice cream and lollipops. We met a friend of mine at the circus and had a good time, she brought her daughter.

When I got home after the circus my next door neighbor asked me come over after she saw me in my bedroom window. She asked if I could help her get a branch of her cable line. After I was done. She said thanks and I said that I liked her top. She picked up her digi and asked me to take a picture of what I saw, so I did.

yup. Been a good day so far


At 11:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

neat pictures. Not sure about the Frazeta Fantasy one, but the tattooed lady rocks. That's not yr neighbour is it...........;)


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