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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Celebrate the moment

July 17th is non-photography day, which has been launched - ironically enough - by a photographer.

In an interview with the BBC's Culture Shock programme, Becca Bland who is organising the enterprise explained that she wants people to "put your camera down and appreciate the moment you are in".

"When you simply take photos of something, without fully engaging with it, you're assuming that all you can have and take is the actual appearance of a place - rather than other creative factors that exist in the place," Ms Bland said.

She then goes on to talk about Buddhism and putting a frame around things. But, leaving that aside, I think the idea is a good one.

Whenever we go anywhere it's far too easy - expected even - that we will take a stack of photos of the sights rather than actually look at them. This is something that first struck me about five years ago while on holiday in Egypt. At one point we found ourselves faced with a spectacular view overlooking the three pyramids of Giza. After trying, unsuccessfully, to capture all three pyramids in a single shot I realised that I'd done no more than glance at the view before spending far too much time faffing around with the camera.

I took very few photos for the rest of that holiday. I don't have a photo of either the pyramids or the Sphinx but I did have a fantastic time and still have plenty of great memories.

The only real complaint I have about this campaign is that July 17th is a Monday. So the chances are that I won't be in a position to be celebrating anything.


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