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Friday, January 06, 2006

Blog Of The Week


It is I Clairwil, currently staring in utter disbelief at Celebrity Big Brother, however I've made some time to announce the blog of the week and here are the results.

In first place, To Norway On A Bicycle

In second place Don't Bomb Us

In third place Chicken Yoghurt

and in fourth place Baruchitos Homecage

Well done to all of you and now without further ado I shall pass you over to my glamorous assistant, the ill man for this weeks nominations.

OK, BOTW candidates for this week are as follows.................

Dan Allen.

A stand up comic and writer from New York, Dan has a somewhat strange take on the world, which usually involves picking holes in our use of the English language. Tangential, obtuse and downright funny.

Death Row Diary.

An excellent blog written by one William Van Poyk with contributions from his sister. It concerns his seemingly never ending tussle with the US legal system as he attempts to extricate himself from the death sentence handed to him for a crime it would seem he did not commit.A very matter-of-fact blog which does an excellent job of getting to the heart of the strangeness and perversity of US death penalty appeals.

This Is The News

This one was forwarded to me courtesy of Paul B a few weeks back. It's the news roundup in an absurd parallel dimension seemingly. I've a had a few peeks at it and it's pretty amusing. What can you expect? Paris Hilton and Peter Shilton to marry...........Bono and Geldof say "Give African Children Their Own Swimming pools"...........Tips for dating animals..........Ok, it's only been going a few months and it's a while since he's posted but I think it's one worth bookmarking.

Anyway, vote away and happy reading.

To nominate next weeks contestants click here.

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Death Row Diary
This Is The News
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