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Monday, January 16, 2006

A Book about Something

I have argued elsewhere that

We should be grateful that one of the nation's best-loved and most widely-read authors is able to act as the conscience for the nation.
Lo and behold, in his latest release Where's My Cow? Thud!, Pratchett prophetically raises one of the points which has recently, inexplicably, been presented as a dilemma. I say inexplicably, because there should be no ambiguity whatsoever.

Just to provide a bit of context for the following quotation, and I hope not creating too many spoilers, city watch commander Vimes is investigating the callous, religiously-motivated murder of a number of citizens - inhabitants of the city he loves. Furthermore, he has returned to the Watch House immediately following an attack on his home which threatened the life of his first-born son. He learns that a suspect from the same community as the attackers has been brought in, and may have important information. See any parallels? So what goes through Vimes' mind?

Beating up people in little rooms... he knew where that led. And if you did it for a good reason, you'd do it for a bad one. You couldn't say 'we're the good guys' and do bad guy things.
I have yet to read a more succinct or powerful refutation of all the recent mealy-mouthed justifications and euphemisms for torture than that final sentence. Thud! was published on October 1, 2005.

Mark This One In Yr Diaries.................

Two things occupying my thoughts tonight. First of all, the 'Holocaust Conference' proposed by that paragon of balanced thought and diplomacy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. All fine and well of course, I just wonder who they plan on inviting over for it. Going by the link it's the usual space cadets, but who to invite instead of David Irving?

The Flat Earth Society? The Raeleans? Pat Buchanan?

The taunt that's been floated is that one can discuss anything these days but the holocaust. Not true, discuss away, just don't expect a race of people who suffered at the hands of the Nazi's to join a debate as to whether or not it actually happened. Nor should you expect anyone with any sanity or reasoning abilities to spend time debating something that most obviously did happen. Apparently they haven't found an exact time and location for this little 'meeting of minds'. Might I suggest the fucking moon and give us all peace............

On a slightly more serious note, I found a rather strange thing on my travels.

Sun Journalists In Poorly Researched Article Shocker!!!

I've been posting complete shite here for months now. Where do I apply Mr Murdoch?