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Friday, January 20, 2006

I Thought I Was Angry.


I realise the good people of blogdom have many strong opinions and like to express them in a colourful fashion but occasionally one stumbles across something so loopy one is compelled to pass comment.

Before I reveal what has caused my jaw to fall through the fucking floor, let me give you a bit of background. As anyone who has read my own blog will know, I get a bit tense. From time to time, I get angry and wish death and misery on celebrities, politicians, work colleagues and random members of the public. I don't actively want any of the people I rant about to lose a leg or fall under a train, though I admit I'd piss myself laughing if it happened, it's just a bit of throwaway spite. I say it, the anger subsides and I go and do a bit of knitting. I am an essentially harmless human being.

People get angry and irritated by all sorts of things, like George Galloway for example. Recently mischief maker Alan expressed his displeasure with Mr Galloway's appearance on Big Brother. As you will see it's perfectly calm, reasonable and to the point. Of course there are all sorts of reasons that people get angry with Mr Galloway and people express this by writing blog posts, writing to the papers, turning to their friend and saying 'yon Galloway's a prick' over a pint. Normal stuff like that.

Might I suggest that spending your time running a website by the name of 'Hang Galloway' is something of an overreaction. It is the act of a lunatic.

I've been known to make the odd spelling mistake myself but the individual behind 'Hang Galloway' is clearly a stranger to the spellchecker.

'This site has been set up to tell the story of George Galloway, Member of the British Parliment, communist, charlaton and national embarressment.'

There is also a very informative FAQ section on the site which I shall quote from below.

'In light of the protestations of innocence from a very vocal minority I just felt a compulsion to put all this information in the one place to stand as the case on behalf of the silent majority who, to be honest, are sick of Galloway and his philandering'

Hmmm... 'I just felt a compulsion' Very revealing, very revealing indeed. I have to say if this 'Hang Galloway' fellow really does speak for the 'silent majority' then thank God they're silent. I don't think my nerves could stand the shock if the 'silent majority' spoke. Incidentally why is it that opinionated loons always claim to be speaking for the 'silent majority'? How do you know you speak for the 'silent majority' if they're silent? Telepathy? Quite frankly I'm sick of the spokesmen of the so called 'silent majority' droning on. Silent? If fucking only.

Q: Why the name "HangGalloway.co.uk"?

A: Because www dot drop him in a bath of acid with eloctrodes attached to his testicles like the victims of the regime he worked to support dot co dot uk was taken.

Now if he had gone for the name he quotes in his answer I wouldn't have remarked on his site at all. There's a bit of humour to it, such an elaborate curse cannot be taken seriously. 'Hang Galloway' is just chilling and unfortunately for the author, the content of a site with such an extreme title is very hard to take seriously.