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Monday, February 13, 2006

Vote For Blog Of The Week


No time for niceties, here are the nominations.

'I Hope You Get Cancer'- A lovely pink sweary blog.

'Department Of Hate'- This blogger hates Mick Hucknall which puts him on the side of the angels in my book.

Celebrity Slag- It's pink and astonishingly rude.

Get voting.

Blog of the week
Department Of Hate
I Hope You Get Cancer
Celebrity Slag
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Blog Of The Week

Sorry for the late results. Well I'm not sorry at all I'm just being polite. So there.

In first place we have West Coast Ramblings

In second we have Castro's Favourite Colour

and last but not least Onan On Line

As there have not been any nominations this week I'm away to find three blogs to nominate. Any suggestions for next week would be very welcome.