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Friday, February 24, 2006

Three Minute Hero

Amnesty UK's director, Kate Allen is disappointed, to say the least, with Labour's human rights record in the eight years since publishing the Bringing Rights Home White Paper.

Tony Blair has argued that, in the intervening eight years, "the rules of the game have changed". It is of course true the threat of terrorist attack is far greater and the Government has a responsibility to protect citizens. But some rules must not be changed - the right to a fair trial, the independence of the judiciary and the global ban on torture.

The same paper also reports on the verdict of the Foreign Affairs Committee on the Government's human rights record and Blair's response.

In short, "anomolies" like Guantanamo Bay and Extraordinary rendition are illegal, immoral and undermine the position of those championing western values such as liberty, freedom of expresskion and the rule of law, as does turning a blind eye to human rights abuses in Iraq. Attempts to sign "memoranda of understanding" with countries such as Algeria - who, inceidentally, have recently locked up a cartoonist - are nothing more than a cynical abrogation of its responisbilities on the part of the government.

The Indy also picks up on Blair's assertion that that all of his critics have "the world the wrong way round" and asks oh, really?

Elsewhere, the Internet Service Providers Association has awarded the UK presidency of the EU the dubious honour of internet villain of the year.

An ISPA spokesperson said, "The UK Presidency of the European Union received this award for seeking EU wide data retention laws which will force ISPs and telcos to retain more data for longer without proper impact assessment."

D:Ream really were the wrong people to provide the soundtrack to Labour's 1997 election campaign.