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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Blog Of The Week

Hello. A fine tussle for the honours this week. Average Tosser took the spoils, Bogol running in second not far behind. It's an indication of what it was up against when I say that Jezblog took a distant third spot with a very healthy sixteen votes. That's been known to win botw on some weeks.

This weeks randomly crowbarred gang of web scribes are as follows:

Fafblog- What happens when you take insane American right wing reasoning and hyperbole to it's illogical conclusion. You get Fafblog. Absurdist satire at it's best. Watch out for the retina scorching template.

Do The Evolution- Another of those blogs you stumble upon by accident making you glad for the existance of Blogger's update bar. This well written and at times ragingly passionate blog is resolutely 'left' but argues it's partisan stance in an artoiculate and coherent manner and when it does lose it's rag, it pins you to the floor with it's vitriol when other political blogs simply trot out some mealy mouthed party line sneering disguised as anger or wit.

Sleepless In Sudan- A posthumous nomination. The blog has only been inactive for about a month now, but it stands as a fantastic journal about the emotional rollercoaster of being an aid worker in such a strife torn part of the world. This is definitely worth reading from the beginning, though I have to admit I have only really dipped into it in a slightly random fashion so far.

Ok kids, get voting...........

Blog Of The Week:
Do The Evolution
Sleepless In Sudan
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