A Mischief Of Magpies

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ill Man:Random Insult Generator

Hello there my lovelies...................No subject as such, just a few things that have been upsetting my delicate equilibrium of late.

Who watched more than five minutes of last nights Fat Pets before they felt that old homicidal urge..........?

The woman who owned the Rottweiler needs to be arrested or have the dog removed from her 'care'. If it drives her to suicide or something then so be it, just one less white trash retard in the world. Hooray!! I realise these people are just showing their love for their pet/surrogate child in the only way their feeble minds can manage but why should some poor sod of an animal suffer fucked joints, obvious discomfort walking and a dull sedantry existance with a severely curtailed lifespan because their fuckwit owners don't know when to stop feeding them........................?

Ok, next.............Commonwealth Games. Ooh, like shooting fish in a barrel this...............The fucking Commonwealth? Is this a rather sick and silly joke? Please tell me nobody sees this 'Shit Olympics' as anything other than an excuse for British athletes to rack up a decent medal count before the next Olympics or World Championships send them back to their usual 'plucky loser' demeanour. Feel free to disagree of course. Am I missing something in all this? It's the League Cup of athletics I suppose, but can't it just be held as a track and field thing over the space of a long weekend or something?

Anyway, I'm just miffed because I forgot these were on tonight.

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