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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blog Of The Week

Here are the results of last weeks BOTW poll.

The winner: Pigdogfucker.

Runner Up: The Trouser Quandry Resolution.

In third place was Geese Aplenty.

Thankyou all for participating...............

This weeks unsuspecting targets of our affection are as follows.

Secret Knowledge Of Backroads I've only had a quick gander at this one but it looks very good, with a large archive to run through. Not having ploughed the older stuff, I know very little about Mr Backroads other than he has a wife(Mrs Backroads), has mice in his garage which they are trying to get rid of using humane traps and they have been to New York recently. There is also mention of dogging. On a scooter. A truly surreal and disturbing image.

Blowing One's Own Trumpet Involuntarily Written by one 'Daft Bugger', it's a cheerful and amusing read right off the bat. The post about the obvious superiority of a crumpet over a bagel is worth the nomination in itself. He also seems to hate inspirational quotes as well, which can only be a good thing.

Oye Billy! Tangential and funny blog that covers topics such as childhood traumas involving packed lunches and soft drinks, gay characters in soap operas and ruminations about which famous people you would choose to represent the good and bad sides of your personality. It's a fairly new blog but what's there is pretty damn good.

Blog Of The Week
Secret Knowledge Of Backroads
Blowing One's Trumpet Involutarily
Oye Billy!
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