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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stupid people and online safety

Most people with an internet connection will eventually get at least one email purporting to be from a bank or other online service that asks you to click on a link and enter your financial details. The link, of course, takes you to a bogus web site that captures your details so that they can be used to empty your bank account.

This is called phishing and is a growing problem.

Three US academics have just published the results of their research into why people still fall for this type of fraud.

Much is made of the fact that many people do have difficulty telling a genuine email from a fake one and that a carefully spoofed website will fool the vast majority of people. However, as pointed out elsewhere, these scams can be easily avoided by simply not clicking on any links in an email. Banks can, of course, encourage safer online behaviour by making very clear that they will never include clickable links in emails and that they will never send you an email asking for your personal details.

That said, the sheer stupidity on display from some of the people caught by these scams is astounding.

Recently a number of users fell victim to phishing attacks from a group claiming to be a well-known bank. People entered bank details who weren't even the bank's customers.

And on the off chance that any of those people are visiting this blog and feel the need to respond, please remeber to include your full name, address, bank, account number and your mother's maiden name in your comments.

I love him really. Honest.

I've had some trouble this week thinking what to write about.

It's all very well for me to post inane drivel on my own blog, but A Mischief I feel deserves something more.

Unfortunately I still couldn't think of anything interesting so inane drivel's what you've got.

I blame the Easter holidays.

I'm slowly losing my mind.

Two and a half weeks. I'm sure when I was at school we didn't get such long holidays. Two weeks at Xmas, a four day weekend in Febuary, two weeks at Easter, six weeks in summer and one week in October.

The Boy gets far more than that.

And all the staff wish us a happy holiday like it's a fun time or something.

The Boy is bored, the weather is miserable, and I'm finding myself looking forward to my ex coming over this evening to look after his son, so that I can go to Tesco.


I can't wait.

A whole 25 minutes on my own. Bliss.

There are 13 days to go until he goes back to nursery. How on earth do parents who also hold down jobs manage it? Where do they put their children? Under their desks?

Perhaps it's me. Perhaps other mothers relish the opportunity to spend even more time with their little darlings. Maybe motherhood is fulfilling in some way that I've missed.

What time is it? Just gone 2pm?

12 and a half days to go, really...