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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Blog Of The Week

Evening all. Yes, it's that time of the week again. Time to look into the sealed cage in which our three Gladiatorial BOTW nominees have been locked all week and find out which one is still living. In third place, squashed to an unrecognisable pulp in the corner we have the rather fine Glitter For Brains. Pity that. In second, bloodied and barely standing we have Pickled Politics and this weeks victor, still swearing like a navvy and with marginally fewer flesh wounds than the rest we have El Barbudo. A grand show by all. Now throw them to the lions and bring on the next bunch...............

First up we have...........

Blunt Cogs - Courtesy of this weeks winner El Barbudo.
It's a cartoon group blog and mighty funny it is too, using and abusing a South Park character generator to great effect. Plenty of gratuitous swearing, senseless violence and blasphemy for all the family to enjoy. El B, Sarah, Kim, Monstee and co are waiting for you................(with machetes and machine guns, naturally.............)

The Shrine Of The Blind Winger Jones - Thanks this time go to David Duff for unearthing this gem of a blog. So who is The Blind Winger Jones and what is his mission on the interwebs? I won't even begin to try and explain. From the Shrine itself.....

"The virtual shrine, of the actual shrine of the legendary dead footballer and Stone-Age Methodist, Jones the Blind-Winger of Sootfield. Despite being born without a functioning eye between him he bestrode the Pennines with his neatly oiled side parting, and a gay feint, that bamboozled even the sharpest-witted full-back. He now speaks to us using the power of spiritual mentalism and the interweb."

........and in his own words
"Just a regular dead Edwardian footballer communicating through the power of spiritual mentalism."

There, that should clear things up a bit.

And finally folks I give you Manuel Stimulation. An 'Especial Agent For Spain', currently operating in Ireland, Manuel Estimulo is 'Everyones Favourite Fascist' according to his tag line and who am I to argue? Not sure who's behind this, but the links list and writing style had me wondering..................

Anyway, enough of the pointless speculation. It's laugh aloud funny and that's all that matters.

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